Ingelheimer Winzerkeller- Ingelheim wine cellar

The Ingelheim wine cellar is the centrepiece of the wine and culture experience. It combines tradition and modernity, history and zeitgeist in an unrivalled way. What was once the building of the former Ingelheim winegrowers' co-operative is now a place for wine and cultural enjoyment. Within its historic walls are the Ingelheim Vinothek, the tourist information centre, the Winzerkeller Restaurant and the multimedia wine experience exhibition "Cellar Comrades - Experience the Heritage Up Close". The atmospheric vaulted cellar also regularly hosts cultural events such as readings, concerts and cabaret. Wine.culture.enjoyment - this is what the Ingelheim Winzerkeller stands for. It's well worth a visit!

Wine is still in the air of the listed building from 1904, because in addition to the Winzerkeller restaurant and the Ingelheim tourist information centre, the Winzerkeller is also home to the Ingelheim Vinothek. Almost 30 winegrowers and a distillery have joined forces to exhibit their wines and spirits here. Browse, taste or buy - the Vinothek is the showcase for Ingelheim wine and the perfect place to discover your new favourite Ingelheim drop. Wine tastings and wine events are regularly organised in the modern premises.

The tourist information centre is located right next to the vinotheque and provides information on all important topics relating to Ingelheim. City maps, hiking maps, information brochures as well as postcards, vouchers and souvenirs are available here. Tickets for various events in the kING or other events can also be purchased here.

Visitors can savour the atmosphere of the Ingelheim Winzerkeller to the full in the Winzerkeller Restaurant. The mixture of old walls and modern architecture is the ideal setting for one of the most extraordinary restaurants in Ingelheim, which has set itself the goal of serving its guests traditional regional dishes and top-class international cuisine with high quality standards at all price levels. This is accompanied by first-class wines from the Ingelheim wine cellar.

Family celebrations, corporate or cultural events - the Ingelheim wine cellar also offers a unique ambience for these occasions. Where wine barrels were once stored in the vaulted cellar, the special atmosphere and atmospheric lighting concept have turned it into a place for unforgettable experiences. Curious? Then why not pay us a visit?

In the second vaulted cellar of the building, the multimedia wine experience exhibition "Cellar Comrades" shows all facets of winegrowing and wine production: enter the experience room, which tells the story of the former winegrowers' cooperative from its foundation, through the construction of the winery, to the daily work. With films, sensory experiences and interactive exhibits, you will get to know the craft of winemaking up close!

Our tour guides will be happy to take you on a journey through time into the history of the Ingelheim wine cellar or through the multimedia wine experience exhibition "Kellegergenossen" in a fascinating atmosphere. A wine tasting in the vinotheque and/or a visit to the restaurant is the perfect way to round off your visit.

The Ingelheim wine cellar has been honoured twice by the Great Wine Capitals with the "Best of Wine Tourism Award". In 2020, it received it in the "Architecture, Gardens & Parks" category and in 2023 in the "Art & Culture" category. The Ingelheim Vinothek bears the label "Rheinhessen EXCELLENT Vinothek".