A large exhibition room is dedicated to Charlemagne's imperial palace, which also houses the imperial palace visitor centre with three computer terminals. The most spectacular find from the Imperial Palace in Ingelheim to date, the solidus or gold coin of Charlemagne, is also on display here. The external monuments of the imperial palace are in the immediate vicinity, as the museum is located in the entrance area of the important monument.

In addition, the permanent exhibition provides information about prehistory and early history, Roman times and the early Middle Ages in the Ingelheim area, as well as about Sebastian Münster. Three life-size Roman funerary figures can be seen today in the museum near the imperial palace and a small sensation: even after 2,000 years, remains of the colourful painting can still be discovered - even with the naked eye! You definitely shouldn't miss it. Thanks to the mobile app "Ingelheim in Roman times", users can find out more about the three Roman statues.
There are special children's text panels on individual exhibits in all sections of the museum. Plants from Charlemagne's "Capitulare de villis" can be studied in the museum courtyard, which has benches and tables for visitors to linger. The museum building is barrier-free and equipped with a small cafeteria and a museum shop area.

A virtual 360° tour invites visitors to explore the exhibition rooms. This makes it possible to visit the museum at any time, even from a distance.

In addition, an attractive and extensive programme of events throughout the year invites visitors to exhibitions, festivals, lectures, guided tours and workshops on historical topics.


Admission to the Museum bei der Kaiserpfalz costs € 3.00 per person aged 18 and over!

How to get there:

By train:
from Ingelheim railway station by bus lines 611 and 620 (bus stop François-Lachenal-Platz) or on foot for about 20 minutes along Binger and Mainzer Straße to François-Lachenal-Platz.

By car:
BAB 60, exit Ingelheim-Ost, then in the direction of Ingelheim, after entering the town after approx. 400 m turn left into Sternbornstraße, then straight on to François-Lachenal-Platz (or follow the brown signs "Kaiserpfalz").