Immerse yourself in the time around 1900.

Experience first hand how people lived at that time in an authentically furnished flat. The highlight: you can touch everything here. Look in the cupboards and drawers and discover things that might still be hiding in your drawers and cupboards today.

In a flat from the 1950s, you can experience how your parents or grandparents lived. Here, too, everything is hands-on.

You can also write on old school desks with a slate and stylus and do maths with an abacus.

The local history museum in Ockenheim not only shows how people lived and learnt in the past, it also displays trades that have been partially forgotten today. What tools did a midwife use in the middle of the 19th century? How did carpenters, coopers, blacksmiths, shoemakers, tailors and hairdressers work? Tools from agriculture and viticulture give an idea of how hard work in the countryside used to be.

The local history of Ockenheim is not neglected in the museum of local history either. It shows that the Ockenheim area was already inhabited at the time of the Celts and Romans. A model of a Frankish settlement and two figures in Frankish clothing point to the first mention of Ockenheim in 823.

Every year, a special exhibition is organised on a different theme.

Admission is free - donations are welcome Open from April to October, every 1st Sunday of the month.