In Ingelheim and in the region, the word "diversity" stands for the gastronomic landscape that best describes it. From exclusive star cuisine to national and international cuisine to a cozy bar with down-to-earth dishes, there is something for every taste. Above all, regional products from mostly local suppliers end up directly in the cooking pots. You can taste it.

Regional products

Ingelheim is best known in the region for its fruit and asparagus cultivation, which can be bought directly from the producer., © Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH / Dominik Ketz

Regional products

Rheinhessen is not only the largest wine-growing region in Germany, but also scores points when it comes to growing fruit and vegetables. Some producers offer their products fresh for sale in their farm shops or in street stalls. The vending machines - the so-called "Regiomats" - offer a 24-hour freshness service.

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Would you rather cook yourself?

Have you ever made Spundekäs with pretzels or baked grumberries? Anyone who would like to try their hand at Rheinhessen recipes can let off steam here in our recipe world.

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