From the Mainzer Berg you have fantastic views of the castle church grounds and the Westerberg. In the background you can see the Kandrich of the Ingelheim forest near Rheinböllen., © Rainer Oppenheimer© Rainer Oppenheimer

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  In the heart of the red wine town of Ingelheim, our winery has been in business for over 100 years. Tradition and quality are features of our family business, which manages 13.5 hectares of vineyards in the best locations in Ingelheim. Through the selective hand-picking we win characterful red wines and fine fruity white wines. Wine tasting up to 20 people possible. Winner of the German VINUM red wine award 2014 - winner wine "Pinot Madeleine"  

  We are a 13-hectare winery with 200 years of family tradition, located in one of the oldest streets in Upper Ingelheim. The amount Red wines of our winery is 50%. Bettina brought royal splendor to the house when she became the 2004 Ingelheim red wine princess and the 2005 Rheinhessen wine princess. Open also by appointment. Wine tasting up to 50 people possible.  

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