From the Mainzer Berg you have fantastic views of the castle church grounds and the Westerberg. In the background you can see the Kandrich of the Ingelheim forest near Rheinböllen., © Rainer Oppenheimer© Rainer Oppenheimer

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The winery J. Neus was founded in 1881 by Josef Neus Senior in the then world-famous red wine town of Ingelheim and has been managed by the entrepreneurial family Schmitz from Mainz since 2012. As wine lists and price lists from the founding period impressively prove, the Neus family in the 19th century was a qualitative mastermind in the region. For example, the Neus clone developed at that time was also planted by other top wineries due to its excellent properties. Today, these old vines, well-kept wooden barrels and deep knowledge of...

The Wasem Doppelstück winery focuses on quality, femininity, craftsmanship and, above all, sustainability. That is why the company is converting to organic viticulture by 2022. Due to the marriage of Jochen and Magda Wasem, the parents of Burkhard Wasem, the winery has not only been cultivating Ingelheim sites since 1962, but also Elsheimer soils with a distinctive soil culture. And now the new and fourth generation follows with Marie and Julia Wasem. The winery is a combination of many years of experience and young dynamism. The focus...

Pit Punda, Frankfurt / Main (January 2014) "Fantastic Gourmet Experience" Rex Neve, Amsterdam (November 2013) "This is big Pinot Noir cinema ... Simone Adams is absolutely a name that you should remember. "Peter Keller, Zurich (October 2013).

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